A Non Web Person's Practical Guide to Websites

by Hierank Marketing Solutions


Why have a website? Why understand website basics?


How does it all come together and what is important to know?


What tools and frameworks does Hierank Marketing Solutions use?


Why have a website? Why understand these basics?


How does it all come together and what is important to know?


What tools and framework does Hierank use?

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Hello world!

After twelve years of professional sales and marketing coordination, including ten years selling marketing solutions for large digital media companies and small printing agencies alike, it’s with immense excitement that I introduce you to my own fresh long-brewing venture, Hierank Marketing Solutions.


Why have a website?

Why understand websites?

Websites create a digital home for your…








Websites level the playing field.

Location - Not a factor


Size - Less a factor

Limitless owned space

Understanding websites will empower you.

A Versatile Creative Outlet


Improve Business Communication

Save Time and Money


How does it all come together and what is important to know?

Sticking with the home analogy…





Every comprehensive web project requires three major components:


Domain Name

  • Unique location address name that connects with your website host.
  • From a domain registrar or name provider.
  • Main example: GoDaddy.com
  • Does not affect website performance.
  • Important that Client owns and controls this.
  • Can be purchased and managed now at hierank.com/domains – serviced through GoDaddy.


  • Managed servers that your website is built and stored on.
  • Main examples: BlueHost.comSiteGround.com, HostGator.com, etc.
  • Heavily affects website performance and security.
  • Client may want access to this, or should have direct contact with a representative who does.
  • Considered to be the primary deliverable service with most website packages.

Content Management

  • All modern website builders, blogging, coding, e-commerce, media files and design are managed most-effectively now with Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Top examples: WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify
  • Heavily affects website capabilities, performance, and client experience.
  • Client should have CMS access.

Many companies and services provide multiple of the above functions – but are better at some services than others.


What tools and framework does Hierank use?

Domain-Registar Best Practice

Domains can be purchased from any registrar to be used on any hosting service.

We recommend that clients purchase their own domain with their own payment method so that they have full ownership control.

Domain privacy should be purchased in most cases, but no other add-ons (email, site builder) are neccessary here.

We can now facilitate the purchase of domains that are serviced by GoDaddy at hierank.com/domains.

We will also have easier access to update your nameservers to our host without needing your credentials if we manage a website for you.

Fast, Secure, Client-Centered Hosting

Hierank hosts all websites on our blazing fast managed Google Cloud enterprise hosting from SiteGround.

SiteGround is hailed for their hosting speed and reliability, and even moreso for their impeccable 24/7 customer service.

All websites include an SSL wildcard security lock and an additional layer of proprietary SiteGround protection.

All sites are regularly automatically scanned, backed-up, and updated.

Site Ground Dashboard
SiteGround Site Tools

The World’s #1 Theme-Builder on the World’s #1 Content Management System

We build all client sites on the Divi Theme by default. Divi is WordPress’s #1 most-downloaded premium theme across the world.

WordPress powers nearly 40% of all websites, including many large institutions, media, and Fortune 500 companies.

Clients receive WordPress and SiteGround logins, plust a one-call crash course in updating the website with Divi.

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