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Who we are

A Strategic Promotional Products Supplier and Digital Marketing Agency

Choice is great. Guidance is better. Excellent business partners provide both.

There are many avenues to promote and supply business today. This can quickly become overwhelming for many administrators.

But with over ten years experience in printing & digital media, we’re ready to help save time and money coordinating the right solutions for your next project.

Let us share what we know and learn what we don’t. You can always be sure – we’ll get you what you need!

Physical Merchandise

Brand items that people can see, touch and feel at events, on the road, in their homes, offices, and outdoors:

Digital Marketing

Engaging media to catch the attention of people seeking more information about your services.

Strategic Solutions

Let us leverage creativity and known best-practices to make the most of your programs.

Our Commitments

Getting you what you need.

Deadlines Matter

Due date is one of our first questions to you for any project.

We keep turnaround times at the fore and work with ample padding to make sure you have what you need, before you need it.

Always Be Up Front

We can provide most promotional products and major digital marketing services.

But we’ll tell you when we can’t; or if your project presents an unbeaten path that we’d like to explore.

Be a Worthy Ally

We pride ourselves on suggesting legitimate solutions to reach your clients or improve your daily workflow.

If we don’t believe a given solution will save you time, money, headache, or accomplish your end-goal, we’ll let you know.

Your sustained trust is critical to our lasting success.

Let us get you what you need.

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Your team’s one-stop-shop for promotional products, printing, and digital media solutions.

"What's in it for me?"

Easy orders through your rep or our massive online store

The confidence of a seasoned professional to help procure good items, on-time and on-budget.

Regular reporting of performance and reviewing of goals

Human support, just a call away


Agency Updates & Tips

Hierank 2022.0

Hierank 2022.0

"Twenty months in; here we go. It's Heirank twenty...twenty-two point O! Pivot, pivot! We're changing. Okay, not really changing, but clarifying. Crystalizing. It's been a fun twenty months since sweating through that very first Facebook Live video to a few hundred...

TIP OF THE DAY: Print Infinitely Large Without Loss

TIP OF THE DAY: Print Infinitely Large Without Loss

Have you ever tried to scale up a nice sharp web graphic to print—only to have it come out utterly-pixelated to the point of looking like a LEGO-version of your original masterpiece? Most image files we use on the web - namely JPGs and PNGs - often will fall victim to...

TIP OF THE DAY: How to 2-5x Your Custom Shirt ROI

TIP OF THE DAY: How to 2-5x Your Custom Shirt ROI

In the bottom of a drawer somewhere, you probably have 10 or so event or souvenir or promotional t-shirts you never wear. Likewise, in your regular rotation, you probably have at least one promotional or event t-shirt that’s been worn at least 10 times this year, if...

Start Your First Business in 5 Steps

Start Your First Business in 5 Steps

According to statistics, about 20% of new businesses fail in the first year. When you are starting your first business, choosing a business that is relatively easy to start may be a good idea. However, “easy” is a relative term. These five steps will help you choose what type of business you want to run and get it started.

Graphics & Gear for Main Street Pups’ Grand Opening

Graphics & Gear for Main Street Pups’ Grand Opening

New business looking to make a splash? We'll get you what you need. Here's a rundown of how we helped our friends Main Street Pups in Belleville, MI with their opening: CLIENT: Main Street Pups NEED: New business needing brand identity and corresponding printed...

A New Home for Hierank

A New Home for Hierank

A new digital home, that is. We recently discussed our biggest lessons learned and the path we intend to strike moving forward. A core element of this path - of "Hierank 2022.0" as we're calling our set of phase-two initiatives - is a re-vamp of our website that...

Blogging from your phone

Blogging from your phone

This post was created & published, start-to-finish, on an iPhone 12. Did you know you can create and publish new posts to your Hierank-built site, using only your phone? We’re doing it now. How to publish a WordPress blog post from your phone STEP 1: Download and...